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  • Johny Haycocks

A happening happened today, and I was there.

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

I spent the majority of the day in a space filled with amazing people today.

The Co-location space at Priory Street which is available to any professional wanting to work in a space in the centre of York is available to all, with work stations and a board meeting table and free printing and tea and coffee facilities. These are only the practical benefits that the space has to offer though.

Today at the Co-location Open Day, there were conversations as broad in subject and content as any that could be envisaged.

As new people entered the room, it created a melting pot of conversations that only happened because of the very amazing group of people gathering in a physical space together to celebrate it being available.

We talked about: mental health, substance misuse treatment, Menfullnes, The Maze of Learning, developing motor skills, Serendipity (an organisation that operates counselling), music and dance.

I felt privileged and welcomed into such a special set of conversations and exchanges that just don't happen everywhere. The conversations today were exactly what the co-location space had envisioned and everyone who was involved must be congratulated wholeheartedly for its success today.

I came away with just as many questions as there were answers and as many feelings of connection as there were people’s minds meeting together (which was plenty!).

It wasn't strained, it wasn't forced and it wasn't uncomfortable.

It was organic, it was intriguing and it inspired me and confirmed once again the work we do is so important. It was a room filled with passion and emotion and empathy.

I could carry on listing many other aspects of conversations and conditions but you really must try it for yourself.

If you're a person trying to make a difference to people's lives in York and you're wanting to surround yourself with people with the same energy and spirit, then this space is for you.

The way the co-location space is used means it has a fluid permanence that ebbs and flows owing to the mix of people who go there. This allows for outcomes that you can't predict, you just have to be there. I honestly can't remember having such an inspiring afternoon. There so many wonderful people from across the MCN Network, all so passionate and dedicated to making a difference in life.

I cannot begin to describe the knowledge and learning that happened in what seemed a few short hours of just being there today.

Believe me when I say it was a privilege to listen and learn and engage with matters close to my own heart and matters close to the other participants. The conversations left me with a special feeling, and I probably can’t do it justice in my writings.

This place holds the kind of warmth of humanity that York really needs to make a real difference to people's lives from all sorts of perspectives and needs.

If you have the time, come and acquaint yourself with this energetic place and the people that you will find working away there. It’s incredibly special.

Please book this space for yourselves and come and meet a network of people doing extraordinary and innovative things in York that really do make a huge difference to a lot of people. It’s taken me the walk home today just to reflect on what I had experienced today and I only hope I've done it justice enough in this reflection to inspire you all to book into the space and start making links and friends. I felt very much a part of something bigger than myself today and I can't thank the people enough today for the experience.

Superb day among stars in their own right coming together to change more.

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