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Welcome to Art Bank 

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This new community project aims to minimise isolation and provide absolutely everyone with the chance to get creative by distributing art supplies. 

Whether it's paint brushes, pencils or sketch books, we provide just what you need to express yourself - completely free of charge!


Where and when?

The Art Bank is open every Saturday from 10am - 12pm, and is located at Spark (17—21 Piccadilly) in York.

Anyone and everyone is invited to visit the bank and we're here to chat about how you might use the materials available.


We know that getting creative can improve wellbeing and expand the imagination, but we also hope to bring people together over a shared love of the arts. We want to create community, break down barriers and begin the conversations needed to make the world a fairer and more positive place.

If you're unable to get to Spark, you can join our Mail Art Project instead!

Where and When?

We're always looking for extra art supplies!

If you're able to donate to this cause, please do get in touch.  We can arrange an to drop of or collect at a location convenient for you.

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