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Our aim

We aim to create a fairer society for absolutely everyone and raise the volume on those who's voices have been quietened. 

By engaging those with the knowledge and wisdom of direct experience, we can begin conversations which really make a difference.

The goal is to make sure that everything is developed collaboratively and that engagement is meaningful to everyone involved, becoming an ongoing relationship - not just a one-off consultation.

What we do

We are inventive and creative in our thinking, finding new ways of doing things.

Our priority is to create opportunities, activities and environments in which people feel safe enough and comfortabe to share their stories and experiences. 

We actively work against becoming tokenistic.

We are led by and engage with people with direct experience of a number of issues, including:

  • homelessness

  • isolation

  • substance misuse

  • poverty

  • mental health issues

See our Purpose, Mission and Vision here.

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What we do

Who we are

We are a group of people from across York.

We meet (currently online) once a month to share experiences, learning and celebrate the numerous organisations and individuals that are working to make our city fairer for all, through creativity.

We are a part of the York MCN Network.

Who we are
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